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L.G. Atkimson is an importer, exporter, indentor, wholesaler and retailer of raw materials used by various industries, like
textile, pulp and paper, sugar, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, steel, food and beverages, construction, paints, soap and deter-
gents, environmental protection, hotel and restaurant and others.
The company was established in 1967 with the main objective of providing the industrial companies with quality products
at competitive prices. Today, L.G. ATKIMSON is housed in a 4-storey building, con-
veniently located in central Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines and maintains a
group of warehouses with laboratory favilities.
This website contains in a concise and detailed information of various products
which our company distributes. The products are arranged according to their main
field of applications. The services rendered by the company are supported by well-
trained sales staff, including technical consultants, expert in their respective fields.
Technical and/or product bulletins are available on request.

One stop-shop supplier of all sorts of chemicals and services for Philippine Commercial, Industrial and Agro-aqua culture
business companies.

To undertake technical services to all prospective customers.
To provide technical training programs to personnel related to different type of customers.
To undertake survey on chemical requirements and problems of customers.
To coordinate with government agencies to monitor the progress of the local training program.

• SAFETY - is a priority in all undertakings
• QUALITY - best per application
• SERVICE - aim to serve the needs and satisfaction of customers
• SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - responsive and supportive to the community demand or requirement
• COST EFFECTIVE - be most competitive














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